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A Letter From
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Our Executive Director

On behalf of the Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation,
thank you for your support – past, present and future.

This Foundation makes great things happen from kindergarten through graduation. By partnering with us, you become an investor in the future of our students. Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation works to enhance the school system as a whole. We are the only local organization to provide funding to our schools that touches every student, teacher, and school every year.

Grants from the Foundation inspire, ensure, and enhance the outstanding learning experience Mountain Brook students consistently receive. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $6.7 million in the areas of teacher development, technology, and library enhancements. This is no small feat. Our endowment is now valued at more than $9.1 million. This is amazing, and all families and teachers should be grateful to those who had the foresight to establish the Foundation 25 years ago. Then, as it is now, there was great concern over the lack of state funding for public education.

The current endowment is a substantial base, but unfortunately not enough to fully fund the school system’s growing needs. Your partnership with the Foundation is crucial to its continued ability to supplement Mountain Brook Schools’ annual income. Donations must continue; pledges must be made; and the corpus of the endowment must continue to grow. Mountain Brook is an outstanding community because of its residents, its leadership, and its school system. Partner with us; invest with us. You will see the daily impact your gift has for decades to come.

Stephanie Maxwell CFRE
Executive Director

Success Begets
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More Success

The Mountain Brook community has never once wavered in the charge to support its schools.

From a mere idea in 1992 to today, more than $10 million has been raised for the Foundation through the generosity and commitment of the people of our city. The guidelines set forth by our founding stewards assure that every penny donated is an investment that will benefit our schools, our children, and our city for decades to come.

Foundation Credentials

Your Investment
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Well Managed

From the outset, the Foundation’s leadership established guidelines to ensure that every gift made is a gift that keeps on giving.

All funds donated to the Foundation go into an endowment that operates under a formula of spending and investing that guarantees the school system a minimum distribution each year while maintaining the fund’s principal. Your gift is managed by a group of professional investment advisors who are as passionate about the success of our schools and children as you are.

The future is now.

Eyeing the future, the Foundation continues to engage the community in growing the endowment because a healthy and growing endowment allows us to grow our support of the schools, and to remain strong for the next generation.

Now, more than 20 years after our founding, Mountain Brook’s commitment to a higher standard of education will come full circle. Parents who contributed to “Forward the Excellence” in 1995 have become grandparents and have new reason to donate. Students who benefitted from the Foundation’s contributions are becoming parents with a greater reason to give now. And, the Foundation has become a resource for all alumni as they hold their reunions, keep in touch, and develop friendly competition between class years to generate more giving.


Mission & Goals

The Mission of the Foundation is to mobilize community support and resources for the academic enhancement of the school system.

Funds raised become part of a permanent endowment. The Foundation is different than other fund raising organizations that support the schools by providing  annual awards to to each Mountain Brook school to fund needs specifically in the areas of:

  • Teacher Development
  • Technology
  • Library Enhancements

We keep our goals simple so the citizens of Mountain Brook can easily understand what we do and why. They are:

  1. To provide financial support to meet the academic needs that are beyond the current scope and means of the school system.
  2. To be a separate and independent organization from the school system that works in concert with the system’s goals and objectives.
  3. To provide citizens the opportunity to make a difference in local education beyond what can be done individually.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Stephen Favrot, MD


Charles Smith ’98

President – Elect

John H. Burton, Jr.


Key R. Hudson ’00

Programs & Needs Chair

William K. Nicrosi II

Development Chair

Chris Trotter

Investment Chair

Glenn E. Estess, Jr. ‘72


Alice Womack

Immediate Past President

Annemarie Axon
Greg Butrus ’89
J. Dowe Bynum ’96
William H. Caine ’96
Al B. Cohn, MD
Cheryl A. Collat
Morgan Cook
Faith Couvillon
Hunter Craig ’96
Paige B. Daniel ’90
Lane DeWine
Suzan Doidge
A. Brian C. Doud
Susan Salter Hydinger, MD
Eric Kelly
David E. Malone ’92
Lucy Thompson Marsh ’99
W. Patrick Miller
Wally Nall III ’79
George C. Pelekis III ’85
David Platt III
Billy Pritchard ’72
Britt A. Redden ’93
Kristin Ritter
Lori B. Robertson
Paul W. Simmons ’81
Craig Stephens
Dan Thomasson ’90