An investment in knowledge
always pays the best dividends.

–Benjamin Franklin

Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation

We mobilize community support and secure the financial resources that make Mountain Brook’s school system one of the most successful in the state.

By listening to our teachers, students, and staff, providing accountability, maintaining transparency, and communicating our achievements, we provide Mountain Brook’s citizens the opportunity to make a difference in their futures and its students the tools to succeed.

Give today for a better tomorrow.


Our Story Is Theirs

As a junior tennis champ and all-star goalie, Montana Brook is always decked out in sneakers and athletic wear and usually on her way to practice. If you ask her about her favorite subject, however, her answer is emphatically “COMPUTER PROGRAMMING!” Because we have donated over $3.1 million in technology and classroom materials to Mountain Brook schools, students like Montana will be capable of creating the digital tools that will drive the future.

Forward the Excellence

The people of Mountain Brook firmly grasp the importance of — and aspire to — educational excellence. Education, in our minds, is a lifelong pursuit.

We believe not only in the academic progression of reading, writing, math, science and history, but also in the values of hard work, discipline, risk and reward, and group dynamics that a truly well-rounded education embraces. We understand that success comes as a result of many of those educational advantages the state and federal governments are unable — or unwilling — to provide. Thus, “Forward the Excellence,” became the guiding principle of the Foundation’s first leaders. It is our hope and goal to continue the excellence put forth for more than twenty years.

Our Greatest
• • •


To date, the Foundation has funded over $6.7 million in requests from the school system.

$2.9 million for professional development
$3.097 million for technology
$213,000 for library enhancements

Without the Foundation, our students truly would not be equipped for the future. Below are some highlights of the programs we have funded or piloted over the years.

This is How
• • •

Your Money is Spent

The Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation Programs and Needs Committee reviews requests at an annual spring presentation.

The administration of Mountain Brook Schools outline critical academic and technological needs for the upcoming school year. The Programs and Needs Committee reviews the school system’s proposal in depth, and makes a recommendation to the overall board on what to fund. Although the Foundation makes significant distributions to Mountain Brook Schools each year, it is not able to grant the full amount the school system requests each year.

This is why we need your ongoing support each and every year.

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